CBD Daily Skin Renewal Cream

  • Revitalize skin with pure CBD and essential minerals
  • Uniquely designed for quick absorption and hydration
  • Protect skin from daytime dehydration and environmental irritants
  • Helps to condition the skin for a healthier look and feel
  • Promotes a fresh, youthful appearance

Renew and re-energize your skin with CBD Daily Skin Renewal! Container: 30ml Frosted PG Jar


Revitalize your skin with CBD Daily Skin Renewal!

This quick absorbing formula combines pure CBD with essential minerals to help protect your skin from environmental irritants and dehydration. CBD Daily Skin Renewal is uniquely designed to provide CBD, essential nutrients and hydration to your skin to give it a healthier and youthful appearance and leaving your skin fresh, soft and satisfied. CBD Daily Skin Renewal conditions and amplifies your skin’s natural ability to look healthy and alive. This lightweight formula absorbs quickly into the skin to provide much needed moisture. Apply daily as needed to leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and satisfied.

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