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Are you suffering from a chronic disease and you are always in pain, and you can't find a solution to the problem? At Natural Pain Solutions, our specialized marijuana doctor in Suffolk County may have the right remedy for you.

What is Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)?

CAM is a generic term for any medical practices aiming to achieve healing effect, and it's not a part of the standard medical system. CAM includes practices like homeopathy, massage, acupuncture, Ayurveda, and examples can continue. In general, CAM derives from traditional ancient medicines with a proven history of healing.

Conventional medicine, also known as allopathic, is practiced by health professionals who hold a medical degree. Some standard care practitioners are also CAM practitioners. Complementary medicine consists of treatments that are not conventional medical treatments but used along with traditional therapies. Using acupuncture to lessen some side effects of cancer treatment is an example.

A treatment-replacing conventional procedure is called alternative medicine; an example is using a special diet to treat cancer instead of anticancer drugs. Integrative medicine is a comprehensive approach that combines conventional medicine with CAM practices to heal the patient's mind and body alike.

Is medical marijuana a CAM?

Yes, it is since it is used along with an allopathic treatment to provide relief, for example, to arthritis chronic pains that a patient is suffering. Medical marijuana will not be used in this case to treat the illness but will reduce the swellings in the joints and will help the patient to get that much-needed rest and physiological calmness. It will also soothe inflammations without creating ulcers or bleedings, reducing the patient’s discomfort.

Medical cannabis has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, reducing muscles spasms, anxiety, and nausea. Considering its effects, our marijuana doctor Suffolk County is prescribing medical marijuana for a wide range of conditions like:

  • Multiple sclerosis – to reduce spasticity and pain
  • Spinal cord injury and diseases – to treat the pain and muscles spasms, and to alleviate spasticity and pain
  • Cancer – to stimulate appetite and to reduce nausea and cachexia caused by chemotherapy
  • HIV / AIDS – to stimulate appetite and to improve the HIV/AIDS-related symptoms
  • Arthritis – to reduce the stiffness and pain in the joints
  • Epilepsy – to minimize the frequency and severity of epilepsy seizures
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases – to minimize physical pain and to improve the general health condition
  • Insomnia – to reduce sleep latency and to induce drowsiness
  • End of life care – to provide further relief from distressing symptoms and spiritual suffering

Can medical marijuana help me?

We have a specialized and highly trained team of professionals that will assess your health status and will advise medication for fast relief and healing. Our marijuana doctor in Suffolk County is using medical marijuana for several beneficial effects:

  • Antiemetic effects
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Analgesia
  • Anxiety and sleep
  • Pain management and much more

We see no reasons why should you fight alone with your condition. At Natural Pain Solutions, we are not only offering medication to alleviate your ailments, but we are helping you to get a release from your mental stress.

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